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Decatur Mold Featured in US Business Executive

Decatur Mold Featured in US Business Executive

US Business Executive, a platform for business leaders across the country has featured Decatur Mold in the latest fall issue. The issue focuses on leadership in the areas of general counsel, agriculture, technical education, and manufacturing. Decatur Mold fits well into the manufacturing category as a company that has provided 50 years of leading plastic injection molding and full-service tooling.

us-business-executive-featureDecatur Mold is excited to be amongst the companies highlighted in the issue for long-standing and exemplary business. Our own Vice President, Larry Waltz, states in the article:

“This is our 50th year of business so we have a lot of experience and extensive knowledge in tooling. We’re not tied to one industry. Our expertise spans a range of industries and we serve customers nationwide and throughout North America.”

These industries served across North America choose from full-service molding for a range of designed and tested parts, complete with world-class quality standards. Decatur’s ITAR certification, FFL License 7, and ISO 9001:2008 certification allows for seamless integration into any industry with compliancy requirements or standards. Some of the primary customers served, as mentioned in US Business Executive include automotive, OEMs, tier 1 manufacturers, and large component assemblers.

A Longstanding Injection Molding History

As Decatur Mold’s Vice President Larry Waltz states, “we have no shortage of experience or capabilities, we serve customers in the most efficient and productive manner possible. With a staff of 120 employees in areas of office personnel, tool design, program management, estimating, sales, service, and manufacturing tool makers and processors, we have been able to maintain our core values and service since 1966.”

Injection molding and tooling has always been at the forefront of our company.  In the 24/7 on-call shop, Decatur focuses on faster lead times, lower costs, and responsiveness to customers. Working around the clock with access to flatbed delivery drivers are one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Inside the issue you can learn more about our manufacturing process and look into our facility with its state-of-the-art equipment, trained technicians and expert engineers.

You can also discover:

  • The story of Decatur Mold: how we began in 1966
  • What makes our company different from other manufacturers
  • The capabilities that drive our business
  • Decatur Mold’s relationship with our customers

Want more? Learn about one of Decatur Mold’s premier services, prototyping.  As a holiday thank you, we’ve compiled a resource so that you can learn the ins and out of prototyping with our Rapid Prototyping eBook. Download the eBook by clicking this link or the button below.