Decatur Mold’s Federal Firearms License Type 7 | Decatur Mold
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Decatur Mold’s Federal Firearms License Type 7

Decatur Mold’s Federal Firearms License Type 7

The Federal Firearms License type 7 allows manufacturers to better serve, accommodate, and securely meet customer needs. Working within the military sector for many years, Decatur Mold is proud to announce that we have recently acquired our FFL certificate.

What does the FFL Type 7 mean? ffl-logo

This license, issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allows Decatur Mold to manufacture firearms, firearm components, and non-destructive devices for your projects. 

The FFL enables manufacturers to produce 100% gun parts, compared to other manufacturers without the FFL, who can only produce 80% of these parts. Those with their FFL can work with you for the entirety of the parts project, showing that fully certified manufacturers are the more efficient and trusted choice.  

In addition to this certificate, Decatur Mold is also certified in International Trade in Arms Regulations. The ITAR Registration is a government regulation pertaining to defense exports.  This registration is enforced by the Department of State.

Applications in the Military/Defense Industry

In one of  Decatur Mold’s past projects for the military industry, the customer had parts that were over the designated weight limit for their defense application. When we worked with this customer, we found that the material type was not the best fit for the part, so we worked to find the ideal fit that would pass tests. Once the correct material was determined for the design, the customer’s parts passed the required tests.

Certifications and industry experience show how a manufacturer is committed to your project and it’s success in your application. When a manufacturer has certifications related to your business, they adhere to the standards you need. At Decatur Mold, our team strives to be recognized and respected as one of the premier mold suppliers, dedicated to world-class quality standards.

To access our FFL Type 7 today, click here or below.

Access FFL Certificate