At Decatur Mold, we are known primarily for plastic injection molding services. Founded in 1966, we were originally a tool and die machining shop.

In the last 50 years we grew from a five-man team to an organization of more than 100 employees. Starting from a 2,400 square foot space, we now occupy a state-of-the-art 87,000 square foot facility. As we expanded, so did our capabilities and services.

Services from Decatur

Today, we perform the quality tool and die machining that we started with. Using computer numerical controlled (CNC) mills and other advanced machinery, no design is beyond our capabilities. We also utilize nine injection molding machines of varying tonnage for injection molding capacities.

Aside from tool building and injection molding, we also offer a range of valuable services. These include:

  • Injection Molding — With a  facility of 87,000 square feet for production, climate control, 24/7 assistance, we do everything we can to ensure the quality of your tool.
  • Tool design — Our mold design staff includes mold designers and process technicians that fine-tune your tool and die designs to maximize efficiency and efficacy using Siemens Unigraphics design software. Staff can also design molds from the ground up.
  • Prototyping — Project engineers are on standby to assist with low volume injection molding needs, ideal for generating prototype tooling for a range of different manufacturing processes with quick lead times of 5 to 20 days. Both aluminum and P20 steel and a variety of surface finishes are available.
  • Production tooling — Once you are happy with your prototype, you can move on to build production ready tooling. The production tools we manufacture at Decatur are of the highest quality available in North America, meeting Society of the Plastic Industry (SPI) standards for classes 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105.
  • Mold repairs and ECNs — Decatur maintains a team of tool makers, polishers, and technical salespeople that operate as a separate Mold Repair and Engineering Change Notification (ECN) department. This team can handle all mold repairs, from planned maintenance to emergency fixes, and larger scale ECN updates. All tool changes are tested and sampled.
  • Contract machining — Our capabilities include an expansive range of machining services, from milling to lathing to electrical discharge machining (EDM) wire cutting. All of these capabilities are available for contract machining.
  • Logistics and Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) — At Decatur, the customer is always our main focus. Aside from our technical capabilities, we offer a number of logistics and foreign trade zone (FTZ) support services, including our own trucking fleet, to help make your experience easier.

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Over the years, Decatur Mold has grown into an operation of project managers, design engineers, technicians, and shop floor personnel, dedicated to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

To learn more about Decatur Mold and the many services we offer, contact us today.